Toyota Trucks Over The Years

Toyota Trucks Over The Years

Toyota never started out as a recognized company for their innovations and its modifications on automobiles, like the hybrid and eco-friendly Prius or the famous Corolla or Camry. Apart from being a big name in the compact and the mid-sized sedan car class, Toyota has also made some astonishing improvements and modifications on the compact truck class for more than 50 years. Lets take a look at how the Toyota trucks have evolved over the years!

First Generation (1969-1972)

The first vehicle that Toyota ever introduced to the American public to their compact truck list is called the Hilux. During Toyota's starting phase in the United States, it didn't have very many options and only came with manual gears. Still, it was accepted at local Toyota dealers by customers who wanted to purchase a pickup but wanted the adaptability of a compact vehicle.

Second Generation (1973-1974)

The second generation of Hilux granted customers a longer wheelbase and flatbed. Toyota also added a larger engine as an option and increased horsepower. During that time it became one of the most famous trucks in the United States.

Third Generation (1975-1978)

During the third generation, customers saw Toyota ditch theHilux name completely and instead used the name Toyota Truck for their compact pickup line. The third generation also saw a brand new look for the Hilux, as well as a somewhat larger engine. Toyota had also proposed its SR5 package option, switching production of U.S. trucks that were made in Japan to the U.S., and, by autumn of 1997, produced its one-millionth truck from the U.S. Department.

Fourth Generation (1979-1983)

For Toyota's fourth generation of trucks, they made some significant changes. Two options they started to offer customers were a 4WD option and a diesel 2WD option. Nearing the end of this generation, Toyota extended its diesel choice to their 4WD models as well. Toyota also offered its first ever limited edition model with upgrades characteristics, for example, the premium audio and chrome bumpers.

Fifth Generation (1984-1988)

Toyota made a couple of changes in its pickup lineup with the presentation of the Xtracab option, also added were two different diesel engines. Although manual gears were still considered normal, Toyota did propose both a three- and four-speed automatic option upgrade.

Sixth Generation (1989-1994)

For this generation Toyota premiered the V-6 engine option, also added was a brand new redesign. Another offer that was way better than the first includes a 4WD V-6 Xtracab SR5 model that rocked premium sound, chrome bumpers, bucket seats, and plenty of there choices for this model. This over the top vehicle even won Motor Trend's Truck of the Year Award in 1989, after that came many other awards for the next few years.

Seventh Generation (1995-2004)

The seventh generation was also the very first generation for the new Toyota Tacoma. Toyota also decided it wanted to give their trucks a name again. With that last decision they also redesigned the truck line with new enhancements, throughout that generation, and a whole lot of new additions:

    • ABS

    • Daytime Running Lights

    • Front and Side Air Bags

    • Stability Control

    • Traction Control

Eighth Generation (2005-2014)

For the Toyota Tacoma's second generation they were showered with rewards and was also a well-received vehicle. For the years of 2009 and 2012, the Tacoma got a brand new redesign. Toyota also continued to make safety upgrades and consolidate newer technologies into their truck line.

Ninth Generation (2015)

This new generation Tacoma witnessed a brand new redesign for their exterior and many more changes and improvements for its interior and new options that went along the lines of comfort, safety, and style, giving Toyota the power to win awards for their innovative compact trucks.